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Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Release Year2020
Available in NZ since:25 Sep 2020

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

Release Year2020
Available in NZ since:25 Sep 2020

Kingdom of the Mummies

Release Year2020
Available in NZ since:18 Sep 2020


Release Year2020
Available in NZ since:18 Sep 2020

Notre Dame: Race Against The Inferno

Release Year2019
Available in NZ since:18 Sep 2020

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The Mandalorian Season 2

Release Year2020
Available in NZ from:30 Oct 2020


Release Year2020
Available in NZ from:4 Dec 2020

Recent Episodes Released

Brain Games

Brain Games features games & experiments revealing the science of how your brain works.
S08E01Male Brain vs. Female Brain25 Sep 2020
S08E02Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction?25 Sep 2020
S08E03Drew Brees: Performance25 Sep 2020
S08E04Kids vs. Adults25 Sep 2020
S08E05Jack Black: Music25 Sep 2020
S08E06Mark Cuban: Power and Persuasion25 Sep 2020
S08E07Rebel Wilson: Love and Attraction25 Sep 2020
...And more...


Decaying classic cars are revived by two experts for unsuspecting, grateful owners.
S07E01Triumph TR425 Sep 2020
S07E02Toyota Celica25 Sep 2020
S07E03Lotus Elise25 Sep 2020
S07E04Ford Model A25 Sep 2020
S07E05Peugeot 50425 Sep 2020
S07E06Talbot Sunbeam Lotus25 Sep 2020
S07E07VW T4 Campervan25 Sep 2020
...And more...

Disney Sydney To The Max

Sydney navigates middle school with help from her Dad.
S02E01How The Syd Stole Christmas25 Sep 2020
S02E02Father Of The Bribe25 Sep 2020
S02E03Sister Pact25 Sep 2020
S02E04Night Not At The Museum25 Sep 2020
S02E05Going The Green Mile25 Sep 2020
S02E06Girlz II Women25 Sep 2020
S02E07Baby One More Rhyme25 Sep 2020
...And more...

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

Gordon Ramsay travels the globe on an epic adventure in search of culinary inspiration.
S02E01Untamed Tasmania25 Sep 2020
S02E02The Wilds of South Africa25 Sep 2020
S02E03Louisana's Bayou Cuisine25 Sep 2020
S02E04Sumatra's Stunning Highlands25 Sep 2020
S02E05Guyana's Wild Jungles25 Sep 2020
S02E06India's Spice Hub25 Sep 2020
S02E07Norway'??s Viking Country25 Sep 2020

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Magic of Disney'??s Animal Kingdom goes backstage at Walt Disney World Resort. Narrated by Josh Gad.
S01E01Kenya, the Gutsy Giraffe25 Sep 2020

Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers

The Sensational Six race roadsters around the world!
S03E01Mickey's Mixed-Up Motor Lab / Wishy Washy Helpers25 Sep 2020
S03E02One Unicorny Day! / The Happy Horse Helpers!25 Sep 2020
S03E03Animal Antics / Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!25 Sep 2020
S03E04Mickey's Monstrous Truck! / Minnie's Vacation Home25 Sep 2020
S03E05Mixed-Up for a Day! / Princess Clarabelle!25 Sep 2020
S03E06Gollywood Wedding!, A / No Dilly Dally In New Delhi!25 Sep 2020
S03E07Mickey's Thanksgiving Fun Race! / Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!25 Sep 2020
...And more...


The Muppet Babies are here to make dreams come true!
S02E01The Froginizer / My Fair Animal25 Sep 2020
S02E02Starship Piggy / My Buddy25 Sep 2020
S02E03Finders Keepers / Monster Next Door25 Sep 2020
S02E04The Great Muppet Cook-Off / Animal And The Egg25 Sep 2020
S02E05Tagalong Polliwog / Sparkly Star Switcheroo25 Sep 2020
S02E06Mystery on the Muppet Express / Mister Manny25 Sep 2020
S02E07The Karate Cub / Don't Over Duet25 Sep 2020
...And more...

One Day at Disney (Shorts)

Meet the diverse group of people behind some of Disney'??s most magical stories.
S01E43Ashley Girdich: R&D Imagineer Manager25 Sep 2020


Peter struggles to maintain his secret identity.
S03E01Web Of Venom - Part One (Part 1 Of 2)25 Sep 2020
S03E02Web of Venom Part Two25 Sep 2020
S03E03Amazing Friends - Part One25 Sep 2020
S03E04Amazing Friends Part Two25 Sep 2020
S03E05Vengeance of Venom Part One25 Sep 2020
S03E06Vengeance of Venom Part Two25 Sep 2020