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Release Year2021
Available in NZ since:15 Jan 2021

Mira, Royal Detective

Release Year2020
Available in NZ since:15 Jan 2021

Dr. Dolittle 3

Release Year2006
Available in NZ since:15 Jan 2021

Marvel Studios LEGENDS

Release Year2021
Available in NZ since:8 Jan 2021

Mega Hammerhead

Release Year2016
Available in NZ since:1 Jan 2021

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Disney Insider

'??Disney Insider'? tells the stories behind Disney'??s films, parks, destinations, toys & more.
S01E07Puppet Masters, Authoring the Force, Capturing a Kingdom15 Jan 2021

Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor must learn to rule!
S03E01Sister Of Invention15 Jan 2021
S03E02To Save A Sunbird15 Jan 2021
S03E03Father-in-chief15 Jan 2021
S03E04The Incredible Shrinking Royals15 Jan 2021
S03E05Norberg Peace Prize15 Jan 2021
S03E06The Magic Within, Pt. I15 Jan 2021
S03E07The Magic Within, Pt. II15 Jan 2021
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Fancy Nancy

Nancy makes every day extraordinary!
S02E02Return Of Dudley, The / Nancy Quits The Clancy's15 Jan 2021
S02E03Nancy's Parfait Birthday/ Nancy Finds A Rainbow15 Jan 2021
S02E04Paris, Adieu!/ Nancy's Fancy Heirloom15 Jan 2021
S02E05Roses are Red, Jojo is Blue / Love, Lionel15 Jan 2021
S02E06Nancy And The Mermaid Ballet/ Operation: Fix Marabelle!15 Jan 2021
S02E07Bon Voyage, Nancy! / Nancy's New Friend15 Jan 2021
S02E08Frenchy, Mon Amour / Nancy's Favorite Grandpa15 Jan 2021
...And more...

Mira, Royal Detective

Mira is the new royal detective in the land of Jalpur!
S01E01Mystery Of The Royal Scarf, The / Case Of The Missing Bicycle, The15 Jan 2021
S01E02Mystery At The Puppet Show / Mystery Of The New Kid, The15 Jan 2021
S01E03Case Of The Dance Off Disaster, The / Mystery At The Camel Fair15 Jan 2021
S01E04Mira Royal Detective15 Jan 2021
S01E05Case Of The Wrecked Recital, The/ Case Of The Vanishing Vessels, The15 Jan 2021
S01E06The Mongoose Cousin Mystery / The Marble Egg Mystery15 Jan 2021
S01E07Mystery Of The Secret Gift-Giver, The / Mystery At The Cooking Contest15 Jan 2021
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Two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives suspect that everything is not as it seems.
S01E01Episode 115 Jan 2021
S01E02Episode 215 Jan 2021


Pip and Freddy are new Junior Fliers at T.O.T.S.!
S02E13The Smiley-est Shark / The Super Duper Brother9 Jan 2021

Marvel Studios LEGENDS

Marvel Studios LEGENDS celebrates the heroes and villains of the highly anticipated Disney+ shows.
S01E01Wanda Maximoff8 Jan 2021
S01E02Vision8 Jan 2021