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Animal ER

Release Year2016
Available in NZ since:3 Jul 2020

Mars and Beyond

Release Year1957
Available in NZ since:3 Jul 2020

Man in Space

Release Year1955
Available in NZ since:3 Jul 2020


Release Year2020
Available in NZ since:3 Jul 2020

Fantastic Four (Series)

Release Year1994
Available in NZ since:2 Jul 2020

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Release Year2017
Available in NZ from:12 Sep 2020

Recent Episodes Released

America's Funniest Home Videos

Home videos compete for cash prizes. Program is presented as originally created.
S15E01Calculating K-9, Gymnastic Goofs, and Beyond Training Wheels3 Jul 2020
S15E02Find the Dog and the Happy Hiccuper3 Jul 2020
S15E03PiƱatas and the Top Reasons Hamsters are Better than Rats3 Jul 2020
S15E04Better Off Wed, Human Cartoons, and the Teen Machine3 Jul 2020
S15E05Women Who Can't Ride Motorcycles versus Kids Who Need to Go Potty During School Pageants3 Jul 2020
S15E06Tricks & Treats, Costume Party, and Baby Monsters3 Jul 2020
S15E07Thanksgiving is Coming, Toothless Comedy, and Protecting Your Brain Cells3 Jul 2020
...And more...

Animal ER

Animal ER brings you up close to the bleeding edge of animal care.
S01E01Tiger Emergency3 Jul 2020
S01E02Po'ed Python3 Jul 2020
S01E03Heroic Measures3 Jul 2020
S01E04Code Red3 Jul 2020
S01E05Chaos in the OR3 Jul 2020
S01E06Toy Trauma3 Jul 2020
S02E01Fire Drill3 Jul 2020
...And more...

Disney Family Sundays

Amber Kemp-Gerstel shares her love of crafting in a series of Disney-themed DIY projects.
S01E35Peter Pan: Shadow Box Theater3 Jul 2020

It's a Dog's Life with Bill Farmer

As the voice of Goofy and Pluto, Bill Farmer crosses the country meeting dogs doing incredible work!
S01E08Movie Star Dogs & Hounds and Horses3 Jul 2020

One Day at Disney (Shorts)

Meet the diverse group of people behind some of Disney'??s most magical stories.
S01E31Zama Magudulela: The Lion King, Madrid, Spain3 Jul 2020

Pixar In Real Life

Characters and moments from Pixar films are brought to life to the surprise of real people.
S01E09UP: Balloon Cart Away3 Jul 2020

101 Dalmatians (Series)

The Dearly Family move to a new farm home in the country.
S01E01You Slipped a Disk / Chow About That?26 Jun 2020
S01E02Tic Track Toe / Lucky All Star26 Jun 2020
S01E03Shake, Rattle And Woof / Cadpig Behind Bars26 Jun 2020
S01E04Leisure Lawsuit / Purred It Through the Grapevine26 Jun 2020
S01E05Our Own Digs / Goose Pimples26 Jun 2020
S01E06Two Faces Of Anita26 Jun 2020
S01E07Spots And Shots / On the Lamb26 Jun 2020
...And more...

Disney A.N.T. Farm

Chyna Sparks and her friends are the newest members of the A.N.T. program.
S01E01Transplanted26 Jun 2020
S01E02Participants26 Jun 2020
S01E03Phantom Locker26 Jun 2020
S01E04Sciants Fair26 Jun 2020
S01E05Studant Council26 Jun 2020
S01E06Bad Romants26 Jun 2020
S01E07The Informant26 Jun 2020
...And more...

Disney Big Hero 6 The Series

Hiro, Baymax and team protect the city from villains.
S02E01Internabout26 Jun 2020
S02E02Seventh Wheel26 Jun 2020
S02E03Prey Date26 Jun 2020
S02E04Something's Fishy26 Jun 2020
S02E05Nega-Globby26 Jun 2020
S02E06The Fate of the Roommates26 Jun 2020
S02E07Muira-Horror!26 Jun 2020
...And more...