Artemis Fowl

Release Year2020
Availability12 Jun 2020
(Movie)A descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds seeks to find his father who has disappeared.


Release Year1978
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)A tomboy cons a nobleman to find a treasure trove of Spanish doubloons.

Emil and the Detectives

Release Year1964
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)When a young boy's money is stolen, the search is on for the thief.

Mr. Magoo

Release Year1997
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)Clueless Mr. Magoo sets out to get back a stolen precious gem.

Sister Act

Release Year1992
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)A low-rent lounge singer is forced to hide out from the mob in a convent.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Release Year2018
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)Witness the beginning of the Star Wars saga's most unlikely hero.

The Christmas Star

Release Year1986
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)A counterfeiter finds the true meaning of Christmas.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Release Year1969
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)A student turns genius when he absorbs the knowledge stored in a computer.

The Great Muppet Caper

Release Year1981
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)Kermit and the gang investigate when Miss Piggy is framed for burglary.

The Moon-Spinners

Release Year1964
Availability29 May 2020
(Movie)A teen finds romance and searches for stolen gems during her vacation.

Turner & Hooch

Release Year1989
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)Scott Turner, a neat freak detective, reluctantly teams up with a slobbering pooch named Hooch.

Twas the Night

Release Year2001
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)Danny and his con-artist uncle take over when Santa Claus is knocked out.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Release Year1988
Availability18 Nov 2019
(Movie)A juicy mystery filled with loony fun pairs a Toon-hating detective with a cartoon rabbit.