The Sign of Zorro

The Sign of Zorro (1960)

Length:90 minutes
Rating:PG Mild violence
When Don Diego returns from his schooling in Spain he finds his hometown under the heel of a cruel dictator. To free the pueblo of Los Angeles, Don Diego must play a dual role. Outwardly he is an ineffectual fop, but secretly he is the masked avenger, Zorro. With the help of his mute servant Bernardo, Diego must challenge the cruel tyranny of Monastario, commandante of the pueblo, to free his people from oppression.
ActorsGuy Williams (Zorro)
George Lewis (Don Alejandro)
George J. Lewis (Don Alejandro)
Gene Sheldon (Bernardo)
Henry Calvin (Sgt. Garcia)
Tony Russo (Martinez)
John Dehner (Viceroy)
Lewis Foster
Lewis R. Foster
Norman Foster
William Anderson
William H. Anderson