The Absent-Minded Professor

The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)

Length:96 minutes
THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR contains two essential elements for laughter -- Fred MacMurray and Flubber, his gravity-defying formula for flying rubber! You'll visit Medfield College and delight in the fun when Professor Brainard (Fred MacMurray) uses Flubber to put more bounce in the basketball team, fly a Model "T" Jalopy over Washington, D.C., and save Medfield College from financial ruin! Join a brilliant cast full of your favorite Disney stars: Ed Wynn as Medfield's bumbling Fire Chief, Keenan Wynn as the evil-minded Alonzo Hawk, and Nancy Olson as the college secretary who the Professor has absent-mindedly left at the altar ... three times! Contains tobacco depictions.
IMDB Rating6.8/10 stars from 7195
ActorsFred MacMurray (Professor Ned Brainard)
Nancy Olson (Betsy Carlisle)
Keenan Wynn (Alonzo Hawk)
Tommy Kirk (Biff Hawk)
Leon Ames (President Rufus Daggett)
Elliott Reid (Shelby Ashton)
Robert Stevenson
Walt Disney