Sammy, The Way-Out Seal

Sammy, The Way-Out Seal (1962)

Length:43.1 minutes
A seaside vacation is supposed to be a carefree, uneventful experience for the entire family. But when the young Loomis brothers befriend Sammy, a mischievous seal, they decide to bring him home'?Świthout telling mom and dad. The boys soon learn that you can't keep a housebound seal secret for very long. In no time at all, Sammy sets off a chain reaction of events that leaves the Loomis household'??and the entire town'??in shambles.
ActorsJack Carson (Harold Sylverster)
Robert Culp (Chet Loomis)
Patricia Barry (Helen Loomis)
Elisabeth Fraser (Lovey Sylvester)
Michael McGreevey (Arthur Loomis)
Billy Mummy (Peter Loomis)
Norman Tokar
Walt Disney