The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey (1963)

Length:80.4 minutes
Experience an amazing adventure when three ordinary pets take on the majestic Canadian wilderness in an extraordinary journey. Finding themselves separated from their owners by 200 miles, they set out on a perilous trek to find their family...and home. Led by instinct, the trio'??a young retriever, an old bull terrier and a self-sufficient Siamese cat'??face hunger, a dangerous bear, rushing rivers and much more along the way. But these three unlikely friends soldier on, protecting and caring for one another in one of the most incredible journeys ever.
IMDB Rating7.1/10 stars from 4044
Actors?mile Genest (John Longridge)
John Drainie (Professor Jim Hunter)
Tommy Tweed (The Hermit)
Sandra Scott (Mrs. Hunter)
Syme Jago (Helvi Nurmi)
Marion Finlayson (Elizabeth Hunter)
Fletcher Markle
Walt Disney