My Dog, the Thief

My Dog, the Thief (1969)

Length:88.6 minutes
Rating:PG Mild themes and violence
Jack Crandall flies a helicopter for a radio station, but his traffic reports are caught in a bad ratings tailspin'?¦that is, until a huge St. Bernard named Barabbas stows away on his helicopter and sends the program's ratings through the clouds. But both Crandall and his girlfriend Kim are unaware that Barabbas is a hopeless kleptomaniac until the dog graduates to the world of high crime by casually lifting a million-dollar necklace from a team of professional jewel thieves.
ActorsDwayne Hickman (Jack Crandall)
Mary Mobley (Kim Lawrence)
Mary Ann Mobley (Kim Lawrence)
Elsa Lanchester (Mrs. Formby)
Joe Flynn (P. J. Applegate)
Roger Carmel (McClure)
Roger C. Carmel (McClure)
Mickey Shaughnessy (Foley)
Robert Stevenson
Ron Miller