The Million Dollar Duck

The Million Dollar Duck (1971)

Length:92.5 minutes
Research professor Albert Dooley (Dean Jones) is stuck with past-due bills and one downy, dense lab duck. But an ordinary bird turns extraordinary when he is accidentally zapped with radiation and casually starts laying the proverbial "golden eggs." Cashing in on newfound riches becomes a sidesplitting scramble as the secret gets out, and friends, neighbors and government T-men mount an all-out quack attack to capture the rare bird.
IMDB Rating5.9/10 stars from 2021
ActorsDean Jones (Prof. Albert Dooley)
Sandy Duncan (Katie Dooley)
Joe Flynn (Finley Hooper)
Tony Roberts (Fred Hines)
James Gregory (Rutledge)
Lee Harcourt Montgomery (Jimmy Dooley)
Lee Montgomery (Jimmy Dooley)
Vincent McEveety
Bill Anderson