The Boy Who Talked to Badgers

The Boy Who Talked to Badgers (1975)

Length:89.9 minutes
Rating:PG Mild themes
Young Benjamin MacDonald has chores to do, much like any other boy living on the frontier might. But "Benjy" would much rather spend his days wandering the prairie with his best friends. Much to his father's dismay, his best friends just happen to be covered in fur and feathers. Benjy seems to get along with animals better than people, and some folks even say he can talk to them. When one of Benjy's furry friends, an old badger, goes missing, Benjy sets off to find him and gets swept away in a raging river that carries him far from home. Now lost and injured, Benjy must rely on his badger friend to survive the harsh wilderness.
IMDB Rating6.8/10 stars from 25
ActorsCarl Betz (Will MacDonald)
Salome Jens (Esther MacDonald)
Christian Juttner (Benjy)
Robert Donner (Burton)
Denver Pyle (Ben as an adult)
Stuart Lee (John)
Gary Nelson
James Algar