The Shaggy D.A.

The Shaggy D.A. (1976)

Length:91.7 minutes
Disgusted by the shady dealings of not-so "Honest" John Slade (Keenan Wynn), Wilby Daniels (Dean Jones) decides to run for District Attorney. But when robbers steal the magic Borgia ring that "dogged" Wilby as a teenager, the fur really begins to fly. Once again, Wilby keeps turning into a large, talking sheepdog when the ring's magical incantation is read aloud, usually at the worst possible moments. And when dirty trickster Slade discovers Wilby's secret, the race is on to see who can get their paws on the ring first. Contains tobacco depictions.
IMDB Rating5.9/10 stars from 2548
ActorsDean Jones (Wilby Daniels)
Tim Conway (Tim)
Suzanne Pleshette (Betty Daniels)
Keenan Wynn (John Slade)
Jo Anne Worley (Katrinka Muggelberg)
Jo Worley (Katrinka Muggelberg)
Dick Van Patten (Raymond)
Robert Stevenson
Bill Anderson