The Blue Bird

The Blue Bird (1976)

Length:95.3 minutes
Rating:G General
A pair of peasant children, Mytyl ( Patsy Kensit ) and her brother Tyltyl ( Todd Lookinland ), are led on a magical quest for the fabulous Blue Bird of Happiness (Nedezhda Pavlova) by the Fairy Berylune. On their journey, they are accompanied by the humanized presence of a Dog, a Cat, Light, Fire (Yevgeni Shcherbakov), Bread (Richard Pearson), and other entities.
IMDB Rating5.5/10 stars from 1001
ActorsJane Fonda (The Night)
Ava Gardner (Luxury)
Patsy Kensit (Mytyl)
Todd Lookinland (Tyltyl)
Elizabeth Taylor (Queen Of The Night)
Cicely Tyson (The Cat)
George Cukor
Paul Maslansky