Return from Witch Mountain

Return from Witch Mountain (1978)

Length:93.8 minutes
Automobiles mysteriously fly and humans float in thin air as sinister masterminds Christopher Lee and Bette Davis unleash a diabolical plan. The entire city of Los Angeles teeters on the brink of nuclear disaster when the greedy criminals manipulate a young boy's supernatural powers for their own devious gain. But the youth's sister and a streetwise band of truants join forces in a desperate attempt to save the city from destruction.
IMDB Rating5.8/10 stars from 4403
ActorsBette Davis (Letha)
Christopher Lee (Victor)
Kim Richards (Tia)
Ike Eisenmann (Tony)
Jack Soo (Mr. Yokomoto)
Anthony James (Sickle)
John Hough
Ron Miller
Jerome Courtland