Tin Men

Tin Men (1987)

Length:112.3 minutes
Cruise back to Baltimore 1963, to the time and turf of a rare American breed: the "tin man" (aluminum siding salesman). Two less-than-honest rivals in the tin game (Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito) meet in a fender bender, but their bruised egos and quick tempers turn the minor accident into a major vendetta against each other's symbols of success -- their prized Cadillac's. In what would seem to be a coup de grace, Dreyfuss decides to seduce DeVito's neglected wife (Barbara Hershey), but this romantic maneuver causes nonstop twists and turns to both the heart and the funny bone. With a supporting cast that's absolutely classic and music by The Fine Young Cannibals, TIN MEN sounds as good as it looks!
ActorsRichard Dreyfuss (BB)
Danny DeVito (Tilley)
Barbara Hershey (Nora)
John Mahoney (Moe)
Stanley Brock (Gil)
Seymour Cassel (Cheese)
Barry Levinson
Mark Johnson