Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Length:129.2 minutes
Rating:PG Violence
For generations, Welton Academy students have been groomed to live lives of conformity and tradition'??until a charismatic new professor, John Keating, inspires them to think for themselves, live life to the fullest and "Carpe Diem." His unconventional approach awakens the spirits of the students and inspires them to make their lives extraordinary, but he soon draws the wrath of a disapproving faculty when an unexpected tragedy strikes the school.
IMDB Rating8.1/10 stars from 426736
ActorsRobin Williams (John Keating)
Robert Sean Leonard (Neil Perry)
Ethan Hawke (Todd Anderson)
Josh Charles (Knox Overstreet)
Gale Hansen (Charlie Dalton)
Dylan Kussman (Richard Cameron)
Peter Weir
Steven Haft
Paul Junger Witt
Tony Thomas