An Innocent Man

An Innocent Man (1989)

Length:113.4 minutes
Rating:M Violence & offensive language
Tom Selleck turns in a riveting performance as Jimmie Rainwood, an average citizen whose life becomes a living nightmare when he's framed by a pair of crooked cops and sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. With his life torn apart, Rainwood swears revenge, vowing to fight back and deliver justice to the dishonest cops who set him up -- no matter what the price! Ultimately, Rainwood risks everything to recapture his normal life, and prove once and for all that he is an innocent man!
ActorsTom Selleck (Jimmie Rainwood)
F. Murray Abraham (Virgil Cane)
Laila Robins (Kate Rainwood)
David Rasche (Mike Parnell)
Richard Young (Danny Scalise)
Badja Djola (John Fitzgerald)
Peter Yates
Ted Field
Robert W. Cort