Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (1990)

Length:120.4 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language
Academy Award' winner Julia Roberts and Golden Globe winner Richard Gere light up the screen in this classic comedy hit. Vivian (Roberts) is a carefree, streetwise diamond in the rough when she meets sophisticated billionaire Edward (Gere) in a chance encounter that turns into a week-long business arrangement. But Vivian's energetic spirit challenges Edward's no-nonsense approach to life, and soon they are teaching each other - and falling in love! This timeless rags-to-riches romance captures hearts with its humor, passion and unforgettable fun.
IMDB Rating7/10 stars from 294466
ActorsRichard Gere (Edward Lewis)
Julia Roberts (Vivian Ward)
Ralph Bellamy (James Morse)
Jason Alexander (Philip Stuckey)
Laura San Giacomo (Kit De Luca)
Hector Elizondo (The Hotel Manager)
Garry Marshall
Arnon Milchan
Steven Reuther