One Good Cop

One Good Cop (1991)

Length:104.9 minutes
Rating:R13 Violence
Michael Keaton delivers a critically acclaimed performance as Artie Lewis, an honest and dedicated police detective in this suspenseful, action-filled movie. Keaton becomes the legal guardian of three orphaned girls when his partner (Anthony LaPaglia) is killed in a drug raid. During his investigation of the vicious drug ring responsible, Keaton finds his life -- and that of his family -- on the line! He's determined to protect them at all costs, and in a fiery climax, he learns what it takes to be ONE GOOD COP!
IMDB Rating5.9/10 stars from 3852
ActorsMichael Keaton (Artie Lewis)
Rene Russo (Rita Lewis)
Anthony LaPaglia (Stevie Diroma)
Kevin Conway (Lieutenant Danny Quinn)
Rachel Ticotin (Grace)
Tony Plana (Beniamino)
Heywood Gould
Laurence Mark