True Identity

True Identity (1991)

Length:93.2 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language
Miles Pope is a struggling black actor whose life takes a hilarious turn for the worse when he discovers a ruthless mobster's most guarded secret. To save his neck, Miles enlists the help of an eccentric makeup whiz who concocts a brilliant disguise to conceal his "true identity". A side-splitting series of impromptu impersonations follow, as Miles assumes the identities of everyone from a Las Vegas hit man to James Brown's kid brother, in his attempt to save himself and bring the mobster to justice. You'll love TRUE IDENTITY, an outrageous action-comedy featuring a tour-de-force comic performance by comedian Lenny Henry.
IMDB Rating5/10 stars from 1137
ActorsLenny Henry (Miles)
Frank Langella (Carver)
Sarah Baley (Audience Member #1)
Michael Baskin (Airplane Husband)
Joe Bellan (Janitor)
James Bilbrey (Man On Line)
Charles Lane
Carol Baum
Teri Schwartz