Hoffa (1992)

Length:140.2 minutes
Rating:M Violence and offensive language
Director/co-star Danny DeVito's unforgettable epic stars Jack Nicholson as Jimmy Hoffa, the legendary Teamster boss whose mysterious disappearance has never been explained. The film traces Hoffa's passionate struggle to shape the nation's most influential labor union, his relationship with the Mob, and his subsequent conviction and prison term at the hand of Robert Kennedy.
IMDB Rating6.6/10 stars from 21623
ActorsJack Nicholson (James R. 'Jimmy' Hoffa)
Danny DeVito
Armand Assante (Carol D'Allesandro)
J.T. Walsh (Fitzsimmons)
John C. Reilly (Pete Connelly)
Frank Whaley (Young Kid)
Caldecot Chubb
Edward R. Pressman