Life With Mikey

Life With Mikey (1993)

Length:91.6 minutes
Mikey is a former child star having a little trouble with his new role as a kids' talent agent. He's desperate to find a way to keep his third-rate talent agency from going under when he meets a young con artist named Angie. With her streetwise smarts and irresistible charm, she's a natural for TV commercials and could be their ticket to the big time...if they don't drive each other crazy first.
IMDB Rating5.7/10 stars from 5450
ActorsMichael Fox (Michael Chapman)
Michael J. Fox (Michael Chapman)
Nathan Lane (Ed Chapman)
Cyndi Lauper (Geena Briganti)
David Krumholtz (Barry Corman)
David Huddleston (Mr. Corcoran)
Christina Vidal (Angie Vega)
James Lapine
Teri Schwartz
Scott Rudin