Camp Nowhere

Camp Nowhere (1994)

Length:96 minutes
Rating:PG Sexual references
Get ready to laugh when funnyman Christopher Lloyd lights up the screen as a hilarious one-man cast of characters in this rip-roaring comedy. Lloyd stars as an out-of-work actor lassoed into service by a group of thrill-seeking teens. They're out to create the summer camp of their dreams...a place with no parents, no counselors and no rules. But when the parents come to see where their kids have been all summer, the wild group must hide their creation at all costs, or else their summer freedom will come to an end.
IMDB Rating6.1/10 stars from 8774
ActorsChristopher Lloyd (Dennis Van Welker)
Jonathan Jackson (Morris "Mud" Himmel)
Wendy Makkena (Dr. Celeste Dunbar)
Tom Wilson (Lt. Eliot Hendricks)
Andrew Keegan (Zack Dell)
Marne Patterson (Trish Prescott)
Jonathan Prince
Michael Peyser