Frank and Ollie

Frank and Ollie (1995)

Length:89.2 minutes
Before computer graphics, special effects wizardry and advanced technology, the magic of animation flowed from the pencils of two of the greatest animators The Walt Disney Studios ever produced: Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. Frank and Ollie, the talent behind Bambi, Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book and more, set the standard for many of today's animated hits. It was their creative genius that helped make Disney synonymous with brilliant animation, magnificent music and emotional storytelling. Take a journey with these extraordinary artists as they share secrets, insights and the inspiration behind some of the greatest animated movies the world has ever known.
IMDB Rating7.8/10 stars from 524
ActorsFrank Thomas (Self)
Ollie Johnston (Self)
Sylvia Roemer (Self)
John Canemaker (Self)
John Culhane (Self)
Marie Johnston (Self)
Marie E. Johnston (Self)
Theodore Thomas
Kuniko Okubo