Tom and Huck

Tom and Huck (1995)

Length:91.9 minutes
Rating:PG Violence
Jonathan Taylor Thomas stars as Tom Sawyer, America's legendary teenage hero. No boy ever had so much fun, got into so much trouble or had so many outrageous adventures. When Tom and rebellious friend Huck Finn (Brad Renfro) witness a midnight killing, they swear not to reveal what they saw. But that causes a real problem: if Tom doesn't speak up, an innocent friend may be hanged; if he does tell the truth, the real killer, knife-throwing Injun Joe, will come after him. With escapades including a treasure hunt, a haunted house, a courtroom showdown and a scary chase in a cave, Tom learns a valuable lesson: when a friend's in trouble, you don't run away. Contains tobacco depictions.
IMDB Rating5.5/10 stars from 9731
ActorsJonathan Taylor Thomas (Tom Sawyer)
Jonathan Thomas (Tom Sawyer)
Brad Renfro (Huck Finn)
Eric Schweig (Injun Joe)
Charles Rocket (Judge Thatcher)
Amy Wright (Aunt Polly)
Michael McShane (Muff Potter)
Peter Hewitt
Laurence Mark
John Baldecchi