Bushwhacked (1995)

Length:90.1 minutes
Rating:PG Violence
Packed with sight gags and unexpected hair-raising action sequences, this entertaining comedy adventure stars Daniel Stern as bumbling deliveryman "Mad Max" Grabelski. Accused of murder when a scatter-brained get-rich-quick scheme backfires, he heads for the hills with the cops on his trail. But once there, he's mistaken for a world famous Scout leader and suddenly finds himself supervising six Ranger Scouts on their first overnight expedition.
IMDB Rating5.6/10 stars from 5620
ActorsDaniel Stern (Max Grabelski)
Jon Polito (Agent Palmer)
Brad Sullivan (Jack Erickson)
Ann Dowd (Mrs. Patterson)
Anthony Heald (Bragdon)
Tom Wood (Agent McMurrey)
Greg Beeman
Paul Schiff
Charles B. Wessler