Before and After

Before and After (1996)

Length:108.1 minutes
Rating:M Violence and offensive language
Two of Hollywood's brightest stars, Meryl Streep, and Liam Neeson deliver spellbinding performances in this riveting, suspense-filled thriller! A small, close-knit community is rocked by a shocking murder -- and the only suspect is the teenage son of a respected local family. Suddenly, Dr. Carolyn Ryan (Streep) and her husband, Ben (Neeson) are faced with a gut-wrenching dilemma: Whether to risk everything on their son's innocence ... or protect him from his possible guilt! Devastating yet powerfully entertaining, BEFORE AND AFTER is thrilling from beginning to end!
IMDB Rating6.1/10 stars from 8209
ActorsMeryl Streep (Carolyn Ryan)
Liam Neeson (Ben Ryan)
Edward Furlong (Jacob Ryan)
Alfred Molina (Panos Demeris)
Julia Weldon (Judith Ryan)
Daniel von Bargen (Fran Conklin)
Barbet Schroeder
Susan Hoffman