The Crucible

The Crucible (1996)

Length:123.8 minutes
The 1692 Salem witch trials are brought vividly to life in this compelling adaptation of Arthur Miller'??s play, directed by Nicholas Hytner, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder. When a group of teenage girls is accused of witchcraft, they accuse various townspeople as having bewitched them. As hysteria mounts, blameless victims are torn from their homes, leading to a devastating climax.
IMDB Rating6.8/10 stars from 35340
ActorsDaniel Day-Lewis (John Proctor)
Winona Ryder (Abigail Williams)
Paul Scofield (Judge Danforth)
Joan Allen (Elizabeth Proctor)
Bruce Davison (Reverend Parris)
Rob Campbell (Reverend Hale)
Nicholas Hytner
David Picker
Robert Miller