Last Dance

Last Dance (1996)

Length:103.7 minutes
Rating:RP16 Violence and offensive language
Megastar Sharon Stone powers this gripping and suspenseful story of a woman on death row and the one man fighting to save her! Cindy Liggett (Stone) is a convicted killer facing imminent execution ... until a young lawyer, Rick Hayes (Rob Morrow), becomes convinced her case doesn't warrant the death penalty. With time running out, Rick stages an 11th-hour challenge to the enormous political pressures weighing against them!
IMDB Rating5.7/10 stars from 3927
ActorsSharon Stone (Cindy Liggett)
Rob Morrow (Rick Hayes)
Randy Quaid (Sam Burns)
Peter Gallagher (John Hayes)
Jack Thompson (The Governor)
Bruce Beresford
Steven Haft