Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow Conspiracy (1996)

Length:102.9 minutes
Rating:M Violence and offensive language
Hot action star Charlie Sheen powers this explosive thriller about a terrifying plot within the U.S. Government and the one man who can stop it! Sheen plays Bobby Bishop, a key presidential advisor who finds he's been targeted for murder by a ruthless professional killer! Suddenly Bishop is running for his life and is left with only two people he can trust: his long time mentor Jake Conrad (Donald Sutherland) and his former girlfriend, investigative reporter Amanda Givens (Linda Hamilton). You'll find incredible excitement at every turn as Bishop - with time running out - races to save himself and end the Shadow Conspiracy before it topples the government!
IMDB Rating4.9/10 stars from 4483
ActorsCharlie Sheen (Bobby Bishop)
Donald Sutherland (Conrad)
Linda Hamilton (Amanda Givens)
Stephen Lang (The Agent)
Ben Gazzara (Vice President Saxon)
Nicholas Turturro (Grasso)
George P. Cosmatos
Terry Collis