She's The One

She's The One (1996)

Length:96.1 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language
Mickey and Francis Fitzpatrick, each in his own fashion, have tried to live by their father's rule: "You've got to do what makes you happy first." Mickey thinks he's happy being a cab driver and living the life of a carefree bachelor -- that is, until he meets Hope, a beautiful, free-spirited graduate student on her way to Paris. Francis thinks he's happy making a killing on Wall Street and being married to his vivacious college sweetheart -- that is, until he takes up with Heather, a stunning blonde from Mickey's past. When the two brothers' romantic problems converge in ways neither of them could have imagined, the old sibling rivalry turns into a battle royal.
ActorsJohn Mahoney (Mr. Fitzpatrick)
Edward Burns
Mike McGlone (Francis Fitzpatrick)
Maxine Bahns (Hope)
Jennifer Aniston (Renee)
Cameron Diaz (Heather)
Ted Hope
James Schamus