Metro (1997)

Length:117.7 minutes
Rating:R16 Violence & offensive language
Eddie Murphy teams with Michael Rapaport and Michael Wincott in this wildly entertaining, action-packed hit! Murphy plays Scott Roper, a fast-talking, wisecracking, on the edge hostage negotiator whose offbeat-but-winning style has made him San Francisco's top mediator! Roper will say...and do... absolutely anything to get his man. But when he comes face-to-face with a psychotic killer who's playing a lethal game of cat and mouse, he's finally met his match! Don't miss the excitement as the always amusing Murphy packs Metro with outrageous action that has critics and audiences cheering!
IMDB Rating5.5/10 stars from 26106
ActorsEddie Murphy (Scott Roper)
Kim Miyori (Detective Kimura)
Art Evans (Lieutenant Sam Baffert)
Michael Wincott (Michael Korda)
Carmen Ejogo (Ronnie Tate)
James Carpenter (Officer Forbes)
Denis Arndt (Captain Frank Solis)
Michael Rapaport (Kevin McCall)
Donal Logue (Earl)
Thomas Carter
Roger Birnbaum