Miracle at Midnight

Miracle at Midnight (1998)

Length:88.8 minutes
Rating:PG Mild themes and violence
To protect Denmark'??s Jews from the horror of Nazi concentration camps, Karl Koster and his family begin the heroic, but dangerous, task of deceiving the Nazis and hiding Jewish families. When the Koster men must go into hiding themselves, Karl's wife and daughter are left to face capture by the suspicious Gestapo.
IMDB Rating7/10 stars from 293
ActorsSam Waterston (Dr. Karl Koster)
Mia Farrow (Doris Koster)
Justin Whalin (Henrik Koster)
Patrick Malahide (Georg Duckwitz)
Benedick Blythe (Gen. Werner Best)
Barry M. McGovern (Rabbi Ben Abrams)
Ken Cameron
Samuel Benedict