Horse Sense

Horse Sense (1999)

Length:92.3 minutes
When 11-year-old Tommy visits his spoiled cousin Michael in Beverly Hills, he feels completely out of place. But the tables turn when Michael is sent to Tommy's Montana ranch for the summer. At first, Tommy enjoys watching a miserable Michael attempt to acclimate himself to ranch life. But everything changes when the family learns the bank might foreclose on their home. The possibility of losing the ranch spurs the two cousins to pull together to save it.
IMDB Rating6.3/10 stars from 1642
ActorsJoey Lawrence (Michael Woods)
Andy Lawrence (Tommy Biggs)
Susan Walters (Jules Biggs)
M.C. Gainey (Twister)
Leann Hunley (Jacy Woods)
Robin Thomas (Glenn Woods)
Greg Beeman
Christopher Morgan