Anna and the King

Anna and the King (1999)

Length:148.3 minutes
Rating:M Medium level violence
Academy Award' winner Jodie Foster and international star Chow Yun-Fat bring to life the epic true story of a woman who challenged the heart of a king and inspired the destiny of a nation. English school teacher Anna Leonowens has traveled to Siam to educate the fifty-eight children of King Mongkut. If she has preconceived notions about the East, the King has similar notions about the West. Amid the danger of growing political unrest, their respect for each other slowly turns into something more.
IMDB Rating6.7/10 stars from 35703
ActorsJodie Foster (Anna)
Chow Yun-Fat (King Mongkut)
Bai Ling (Tuptim)
Tom Felton (Louis)
Syed Alwi (The Kralahome)
Randall Duk Kim (General Alak)
Andy Tennant
Lawrence Bender
Ed Elbert