Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here (1999)

Length:113.9 minutes
Rating:PG Sexual references
Adele is flashy, flirtatious dreamer. Her daughter Ann is a quiet, no-nonsense realist. On the surface, they're like oil and water, but deep down there are two of a kind. "Susan Sarandon is show-stopping" (The New York Times) and "Natalie Portman soars" (NY-1) in this funny and touching story about a mother who knows best and a daughter who knows better!
IMDB Rating6.2/10 stars from 16918
ActorsSusan Sarandon (Adele August)
Natalie Portman (Ann August)
Hart Bochner (Josh Spritzer)
Eileen Ryan (Lillian)
Ray Baker (Ted)
John Diehl (Jimmy)
Wayne Wang
Laurence Mark