Boys Don't Cry

Boys Don't Cry (1999)

Length:118.9 minutes
Rating:R18 Sexual violence, violence, drug use
Based on a true story, this was adapted from the life of Brandon Teena, a story about hope, fear, and the courage it takes to be yourself. Boys Don'??t Cry is critically acclaimed and was nominated for numerous awards, with Hilary Swank winning both the Golden Globe'® and the Oscar'® for Best Actress.
IMDB Rating7.5/10 stars from 92481
ActorsHilary Swank (Brandon Teena)
Chloƫ Sevigny (Lana Tisdel)
Peter Sarsgaard (John Lotter)
Brendan Sexton III (Tom Nissen)
Alison Folland (Kate)
Alicia Goranson (Candace)
Jeannetta Arnette (Lana's Mom)
Kimberly Peirce
Jeffrey Sharp
John Hart
Eva Kolodner
Christine Vachon