Office Space

Office Space (1999)

Length:89.8 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language
Tired of his mind-numbing job, a cubicle slave (Ron Livingston) adopts a negligent attitude as a way to get fired. But instead, he'??s propelled into the ranks of upper management, while his friends are laid off! So he hatches a plan to embezzle a lot of money from the company. But in order to pull off the heist, he needs to keep his sexy new girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) in the dark!
IMDB Rating7.7/10 stars from 243369
ActorsRon Livingston (Peter)
Jennifer Aniston (Joanna)
David Herman (Michael Bolton)
Ajay Naidu (Samir)
Diedrich Bader (Lawrence)
Stephen Root (Milton)
Mike Judge
Daniel Rappaport
Michael Rotenberg