Office Space

Office Space (1999)

Length:89.8 minutes
Rating:M Offensive language
Tired of his mind-numbing job, a cubicle slave (Ron Livingston) adopts a negligent attitude as a way to get fired. But instead, he'??s propelled into the ranks of upper management, while his friends are laid off! So he hatches a plan to embezzle a lot of money from the company. But in order to pull off the heist, he needs to keep his sexy new girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) in the dark!
IMDB Rating7.7/10 stars from 244694
ActorsRon Livingston (Peter)
Jennifer Aniston (Joanna)
David Herman (Michael Bolton)
Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh)
Ajay Naidu (Samir)
John C. McGinley (Bob Slydell)
Diedrich Bader (Lawrence)
Stephen Root (Milton)
Mike Judge
Daniel Rappaport
Michael Rotenberg