Can of Worms

Can of Worms (1999)

Length:84.1 minutes
Rating:PG Mild science fiction themes
Mike Pillsbury identifies more with the imaginary aliens he spins elaborate stories about than he does with kids his own age, so he broadcasts a plea into space begging aliens to come and take him away. But Mike gets more than he bargained for when they actually show up. Now that he has opened up a can of worms, Mike scrambles to enlist the help of his friends to help save the world.
IMDB Rating5/10 stars from 861
ActorsMichael Shulman (Mike Pillsbury)
Erika Christensen (Katelyn)
Adam Wylie (Nick)
Andrew Ducote (Jay)
Lee Garlington (Pamela Pillsbury)
Brighton Hertford (Jill Pillsbury)
Paul Schneider
Gerald T. Olson
Gerald Olson