Can of Worms

Can of Worms (1999)

Length:84.1 minutes
Rating:PG Mild science fiction themes
Mike Pillsbury identifies more with the imaginary aliens he spins elaborate stories about than he does with kids his own age, so he broadcasts a plea into space begging aliens to come and take him away. But Mike gets more than he bargained for when they actually show up. Now that he has opened up a can of worms, Mike scrambles to enlist the help of his friends to help save the world.
IMDB Rating5/10 stars from 778
ActorsMichael Shulman (Mike Pillsbury)
Erika Christensen (Katelyn)
Adam Wylie (Nick)
Andrew Ducote (Jay)
Lee Garlington (Pamela Pillsbury)
Brighton Hertford (Jill Pillsbury)
Paul Schneider
Gerald Olson