Disney's The Kid

Disney's The Kid (2000)

Length:104.8 minutes
Bruce Willis, Lily Tomlin, Emily Mortimer and Spencer Breslin star in this hilarious and heartwarming comedy. Successful, high-powered Russ Duritz (Willis) has spent all of his incredibly empty life forgetting the child he used to be-until the day he meets him face-to-face. Thinking this kid is a hallucination, Russ does everything he can to make him go away. But 8-year-old Rusty (Breslin), who's anything but happy that he grows up to be a loser without real meaning in his life, can't leave'??at least not yet. At once funny and charming, this a magical comedy that's filled with adult-sized laughs.
ActorsBruce Willis (Russ Duritz)
Spencer Breslin (Rusty Duritz)
Emily Mortimer (Amy)
Lily Tomlin (Janet)
Chi McBride (Kenny)
Jean Smart (Deirdre Lafever)
Jon Turteltaub
Christina Steinberg
Hunt Lowry