The Other Me

The Other Me (2000)

Length:87.7 minutes
Rating:G Very mild themes
Struggling 7th-grader Will Browning has a hard time with school. To make matters worse, his father says that if Will doesn'??t improve soon, he'll be spending the summer at Camp Spartacus, a boot camp for boys. To improve his grades, Will orders a science project that accidentally creates his clone. While Will sees this as the perfect opportunity to send his clone to school in his place, things go awry when the clone turns out to be more popular.
IMDB Rating6.1/10 stars from 1970
ActorsAndrew Lawrence (Will Browning/Twoie)
Mark L. Taylor (Dad)
Mark Taylor (Dad)
Lori Hallier (Mom)
Alison Pill (Allana Browning)
Brenden Jefferson (Chuckie)
Joe Grifasi (Conrad)
Manny Coto
Diane Gutterud