The Ultimate Christmas Present

The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)

Length:80.9 minutes
A white Christmas in Los Angeles? Impossible! But, when 13-year-old Allie Thompson and her best friend Sam happen upon a weather-making machine discarded by none other than Santa Claus, they use the machine to make it snow, causing a snow day and canceling school. But when the machine gets out of hand and causes no end of problems that threaten to ruin Christmas, Allie and Sam team up with Santa in an attempt to save the day.
IMDB Rating5.9/10 stars from 1478
ActorsHallee Hirsh (Allie Thompson)
Spencer Breslin (Joey Thompson)
Hallie Todd (Michelle Thompson)
Brenda Song (Samantha Kwan)
John Salley (Crumpet)
Susan Ruttan (Mrs. Claus)
Greg Beeman
Harvey Frand