Kiss of the Dragon

Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Length:98.1 minutes
Rating:R18 Graphic violence
Liu Jian, a police officer from China, comes to Paris to help the vice squad apprehend a Chinese drug lord and his unknown French connection. The French connection is Richard, the head of the vice squad, who intends to kill the drug lord and then frame Jian. Jian ducks a bullet and escapes with a tape of what really happened. By chance, Jian turns to Jessica - a US farm girl who is one of Richard's hookers - for help. She has her own problems, including the fact that Richard has her daughter locked in an orphanage to keep Jessica on the streets and silent about his activities. Can Jian protect Jessica, rescue her daughter, and give Richard the kiss of the dragon?
ActorsJet Li
Bridget Fonda (Jessica)
Tchéky Karyo (Richard)
Laurence Ashley (Aja)
Burt Kwouk (Uncle Tai)
Cyril Raffaelli (Twin #1)
Chris Nahon
Steve Chasman
Luc Besson
Happy Walters