Double Teamed

Double Teamed (2002)

Length:92.9 minutes
Inspired by their true story, WNBA players Heidi and Heather Burge are also known as the world's "tallest twins." But in the mid-1980s, high school freshmen Heather and Heidi could not be more different from each other. When their father sees an opportunity for college scholarships in their future, sports-centered Heather and fashion-conscious Heidi are transferred to a posh L.A. high school known for its athletic programs. There, Heather and Heidi land on Palos Verdes High's basketball team. They'll have to contend with teammates who consider them outsiders and also with an intense, budding rivalry with each other if they expect to fulfill their dad's dreams...which have increasingly become their own.
IMDB Rating6.1/10 stars from 3214
ActorsPoppi Monroe (Heather Burge)
Annie McElwain (Heidi Burge)
Teal Redmann (Nicky)
Nick Searcy (Larry Burge)
Tanya Goott (Madison)
Joey Miyashima (Wendall Yoshida)
Duwayne Dunham
Don Schain