The Scream Team

The Scream Team (2002)

Length:88.1 minutes
With Halloween looming, Ian and Claire Carlyle accompany their father to his childhood hometown of Steeple Falls for the funeral of their beloved Grandpa Frank. As the small town prepares for its Halloween Festival, marking the legend of Zachariah Kull, Ian and Claire are startled to discover that ghosts really do exist! Worse, they learn that the angry spirit of Zachariah Kull won't allow their late grandfather's soul to rest.
IMDB Rating6.7/10 stars from 774
ActorsMark Rendall (Ian Carlyle)
Kat Dennings (Claire Carlyle)
Robert Bockstael (Richard Carlyle)
Eric Idle (Coffin Ed)
Tommy Davidson (Jumper)
Gary Reineke (Grandpa Frank Carlyle)
Stuart Gillard
Kevin May