Solaris (2002)

Length:98.8 minutes
Rating:M Adult themes
Superstar George Clooney turns in a stellar performance in this thrilling sci-fi movie from Academy Award winners Steven Soderbergh and James Cameron. Aboard a lonely space station orbiting a mysterious planet, terrified crew members are experiencing a host of strange phenomena, including eerie visitors who seem all too human. And when psychologist Chris Kelvin (Clooney) arrives to investigate, he confronts a power beyond imagining that could hold the key to mankind's deepest dreams... or darkest nightmares.
IMDB Rating6.2/10 stars from 79390
ActorsGeorge Clooney (Kelvin)
Natascha McElhone (Rheya)
Viola Davis (Gordon)
Jeremy Davies (Snow)
Ulrich Tukur (Gibarian)
John Cho (DBA Emissary #1)
Steven Soderbergh
James Cameron
Jon Landau
Rae Sanchini