Inspector Gadget 2

Inspector Gadget 2 (2003)

Length:90.4 minutes
Just when things are quieting down in Riverton, everything goes wrong. Inspector Gadget is put on probation. Claw stages a daring escape from prison and plots a new "Crime of the Century." And the Mayor unveils a new and improved G2---an all-robot, all-tech, all-female gadget. Could it get any worse for our hero? Mishaps, miscues, stakeouts and showdowns ensue as Inspector Gadget and G2 set off to go-go save the world with a little help from their friends---niece Penny, her dog Brain and the wildly tricked-out Gadgetmobile.
IMDB Rating3.4/10 stars from 5708
ActorsFrench Stewart (Inspector Gadget)
Elaine Hendrix (G2)
Caitlin Wachs (Penny)
Tony Martin (Claw)
John Batchelor (McKible)
Mark Mitchell (Chief Quimby)
Alex Zamm
Charles Hirschhorn
Peter Green