Atlantis: Milo's Return

Atlantis: Milo's Return (2003)

Length:82.8 minutes
Rating:PG Low level violence
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During his initial expedition to Atlantis, Milo Thatch and company located the famous underwater city and rescued the mysterious kingdom and its people. Now Milo, Kida, and their crew must leave Atlantis when trouble surfaces above water...and they discover mystifying powers at work. From the dusty deserts of the Southwest to the icy heights of the Nordic mountains, the team's newest quest pits them against gigantic sea monsters, spectacular spirits and powerful legends. In the midst of their excursion, Kida discovers the awesome power of her city's enchanted crystals and, ultimately, must decide whether it is wiser to hide the Heart of Atlantis or share its light with the rest of the world.
IMDB Rating5.1/10 stars from 7957