Right on Track

Right on Track (2003)

Length:88.3 minutes
Rating:G Very mild themes and coarse language
When Erica Enders enters the male-dominated world of junior drag racing at the age of 8, she quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with on the drag strip. Once Erica's sister Courtney follows in her footsteps, it isn'??t long before "Enders" is a household name in the kids' drag racing world. But life on the tracks isn'??t without challenges as the sisters face fierce competitors who'??d rather not have girls winning in their sport.
IMDB Rating6.3/10 stars from 1142
ActorsBeverley Mitchell (Erica Enders)
Brie Larson (Courtney Enders)
Marcus Toji (Randy Jones)
Jodi Russell (Janet Lee Enders)
Jon Lindstrom (Gregg Enders)
Jon Robert Lindstrom (Gregg Enders)
Ruby O'Neil (4 Year Old Erica)
Ruby Chase O'Neil (4 Year Old Erica)
Duwayne Dunham
Don Schain