Thirteen (2003)

Length:100.3 minutes
Rating:R16 Violence, offensive language, drug use and sex scenes
At the edge of adolescence, tracy is a straight-A student, if not a little naive. When she befriends evie, the most popular and beautiful girl in school, evie leads tracy down a path of sex, drugs and self-Mutilation. As tracy transforms to reach for a new life, her world becomes a boiling, emotional cauldron fueled by new tensions between her and her mother, teachers, and old friends.
IMDB Rating6.8/10 stars from 79899
ActorsHolly Hunter (Melanie)
Evan Rachel Wood (Tracy)
Nikki Reed (Evie Zamora)
Jeremy Sisto (Brady)
Vanessa Hudgens (Noel)
Brady Corbet (Mason)
Catherine Hardwicke
Tim Bevan
Jeffrey Levy-Hinte
Michael London