Miracle (2004)

Length:137.2 minutes
Filled with exhilarating nonstop hockey action and heart-racing suspense, Miracle is the inspiring story behind one of the greatest moments in sports history --- the 1980 United States ice hockey team's triumphant Olympic victory against the Soviet Union. Kurt Russell gives a brilliant performance as the dynamic and determined coach Herb Brooks, who had an impossible dream: beat the seemingly unbeatable Soviets at their own game. Starting with a handpicked group of 26 undisciplined kids, Brooks coached them to play like they never played before, turning 20 of them into a team that believed they could achieve the unachievable and unite a nation with a new feeling of hope.
IMDB Rating7.5/10 stars from 47879
ActorsKurt Russell (Herb Brooks)
Patricia Clarkson (Patti Brooks)
Noah Emmerich (Craig Patrick)
Sean McCann (Walter Bush)
Kenneth Welsh (Doc Nagobads)
Eddie Cahill (Jim Craig)
Gavin O'Connor
Mark Ciardi
Gordon Gray