Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect (2004)

Length:89.9 minutes
Techno whiz Roscoe (Ricky Ullman) creates a hologram named Loretta Modern to help his friend Samantha'??s band, the Zettabytes, make a name for themselves. Loretta makes the band an overnight sensation but finds that she'??d rather be '??real'? than a superstar. Meanwhile, Samantha realizes she has feelings for Roscoe and becomes jealous of the amount of attention Roscoe gives to Loretta. Everything comes to a head when a tech company decides to create more holograms and rob them all of their individuality. Can Roscoe and Samantha save Loretta from falling into the wrong hands?
IMDB Rating5.7/10 stars from 3273
ActorsRicky Ullman (Roscoe)
Leah Pipes (Samantha)
Spencer Redford (Loretta)
Chris Williams (Daryl Fibbs)
Tania Gunadi (Cindy)
Porscha Coleman (Rachel)
Mark Dippé
Don Schain